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The Scares Can Run So Deep.....

         But You Don't Need To Continue To Live Within These Walls


       Domestic Violence affects one's thoughts, feelings & behaviors & can significantly impact one's mental stability. 

       Increased anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder & depression symptoms, including hyperarousal, re-experiencing, avoidance & numbing are commonly observed among survivors of domestic violence. 


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Also Known As : 

            Intimate Partner Violence 

            Battered Woman Survivor

Domestic Violence

Healing From 

Have You Experienced Any or All of These Abusive Behaviors :

They are Hyper-critical or Judgmental towards you

They Ignore Boundaries or Invade Your Privacy... They are Manipulative

They are Possessive and/or Controlling ... They have caused Bodily Harm

They often Dismiss You & Your Feelings

For When There Are Hard To Express Words & Feelings

Art Therapy can help free Your Spirit .... Your Body ....... Free Your Mind

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Using many different Art Forms such as Painting, Colouring, Sculpture, Writing, Music, Meditation, Centering, Somatic Gentle Body Movement & Mindfulness ... with each session designed especially for you. 

Art automatically opens the pathways to allow for self to express that which can't be expressed. 

It is not just our brain, but our bodies & soul that hold an imprint of past traumatic events.....

                  Give that imprint a Voice 

In Group or Private Sessions ..... Also available on Zoom

Come Move Forward With Us



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