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Fortune Telling

Magic. It is everywhere. In the hugs that we exchange to the scenery in our surroundings, the smell of fresh baked bread or the smile you give a stranger. All these magic moments enhance ones soul & stir emotions to create memories that last a lifetime.

             Art is a captured magic that will call to you, touch your soul & stir your deepest emotions, enabling you to return to that special moment whenever you need to.

         Each day brings new beginnings & new adventures, & with it another chance to radiate the magic we all possess. To share this magic excites me. To tickle someone's soul with expressions of life is the greatest gift I can give you.

The magic of Mediumship combined with my drawing is a magic that has no explanation


You can also inspire yourself & others with my artwork while using a Designer Weekender Bag or get your morning started with a Motivational Shower Curtain.

All artwork is original & some will be available for your convenience as a digital copy to take to your favorite printer. 


The magic of Spirit is everywhere and I do my best to capture that in a my art.   

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