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     You may wonder why I create & work with the dead... WELL .... 

                                           This is the beginning.... 



       At the tender age of 4, I encountered the tragedy of losing a cousin. Jimmy succumbed to a fatal shooting at just 5 years old. Despite my limited understanding of the concept of death at such a young age, Jimmy’s untimely departure left a lasting and profound impact on my developing self.


       As I navigated through the challenges of growing up, particularly during moments of stress, worry, or trouble, I would see Jimmy. He seemed to appear, peeking around corners or engaging in a playful game of hide and seek with me. His presence had a magical way of lightening the mood, bringing a smile to my face, and evoking laughter even in the midst of difficulties.


        As the years unfolded, feeling my way through adolescence, I continued to have experiences that seemed beyond the ordinary. Jimmy's presence lingered. During those moments, I perceived it as a commonplace occurrence. Surprisingly, Jimmy's influence remained with me until I reached the age of 15, only to return once more when I welcomed my first child at 21.



         As you can see, Spiritualism has been a constant presence in my life, even when I wasn't fully aware of it. Attending a spiritual church, engaging in weekly sessions to learn and participate in closed circles for the development of my mediumship, I began channeling the deceased through my drawings.


            Rather than visualizing them in my mind, I surrendered to the guidance of the Spirit, allowing them to direct my artistic process. Over time, as I honed my abilities, I showcased my creations in demonstrations, and consistently, members of the public would recognize and claim the portraits. 


       Today, after numerous years of dedicated training, participation in circles, and personal exploration, I have fully embraced and developed into my authentic self.



           Deep within my heart, I now hold a firm belief in life after death, recognizing that the transformative journey extends to all parties involved. This process of transition is inevitable, whether we are prepared for it or not.


            My "Whispers In Ashes" portraits serve as a conduit for solace, translating the love and cherished memories of the departed—conveyed by the departed themselves—onto canvas. 

            The souls connected to the ashes communicate with me, guiding and inspiring the creation of a portrait that resonates with anyone who comes into contact with it.

          Those who receive these portraits experience a profound sense of calm and find it easier to communicate with their departed loved ones, alleviating feelings of anger, guilt, judgment, pain, and grief.


                                          MYSTICAL CREATIONS


           Delving into deeper states of consciousness, I utilize my artwork as a catalyst to illustrate the profound connection between the Spirit world & our own.


           These creations, sometimes including original symbols, are intended to enlighten, fostering growth & understanding of the potent forces & the love that emerges when we are connected to our higher selves.

Magic. It is everywhere. In the hugs that we exchange to the scenery in our surroundings, the smell of fresh baked bread or the smile you give a stranger. All these magic moments enhance ones soul & stir emotions to create memories that last a lifetime.

             Art is a captured magic that will call to you, touch your soul & stir your deepest emotions, enabling you to return to that special moment whenever you need to.

         Each day brings new beginnings & new adventures, & with it another chance to radiate the magic we all possess. To share this magic excites me. To tickle someone's soul with expressions of life is the greatest gift I can give you.

The magic of Mediumship combined with my drawing is a magic that has no explanation


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