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"Footsteps Into Me"

Guided Meditation & Intuition Course

The Full Story

It is about Connection.

It is the connection you have with YOU.... Your Higher Self & the trust you allow.

It is Discovering All You Can Be.... Allowing it to Shine....

Allowing yourself to Stand in your Beautiful Self......

Filling the World with your Positive & Creative Powers.


          Creativity comes from the depths of your soul ...... 

Studying More ..... Practicing More   .... Taking More Lessons ... Will not be the answer 

Each meditation works on one of the 7 Chakras.

Bonus gift #1...  includes "Opening Up Practices" to help you quiet the "chatter mind" that can be used before the guided meditation or on their own for some instant centering during more stressful times or when you are wanting to stir your creativity.

Bonus gift #2 ....  includes free online Group Meditations. Offered once a month with a question and answer period for more support.... available for 6 months. Membership also available.

Bonus gift #3 .... 1 on 1 Support Reading for extra guidance & support. 

Total Investment >>>> 189.00

Coming Soon....

OFFER #1...... For the serious person that is looking to raise their vibration even more.... More Intense Guided Meditations for the Crown, the Secret Chakra & the 3 above the Crown.... raising Your Vibration to its limits.

OFFER #2..... Beginner & Intermediate Development Circles over Zoom.... Message me to find out more


to the yearning you have inside you.... The knowing & deep desire that drives you to create.

Your Imagination will be stirred & fed ... Your Intuition will be opened, allowing yourself to

trust it more. 

These Guided Meditations are Channeled from Spirit & designed to help Balance, Center & Strengthen Your Chakra Centers & Your Relationship With your Higher Self.

Let’s Work Together

Not sure if this is a fit.... have a 1 on 1 conversation with Maella...

send a message & she will get right back to you to set up a zoom meeting.

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