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Oil Painting

Trauma & Art Therapy

Allowing Your Body To Let Go

Trauma comes in all shapes, sizes & colours. 

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It can range from a car wreck to physical & emotional abuse over a period of time to a child's pet dying.

Being able to process, heal & move forward from the traumatic event or events is what is key.... and not everyone has the same set of keys to the same set of doors. Some doors are revolving, making the trauma ongoing. 

Sometimes an event is so terrifying, so frightening, or so disastrous that it gets stuck somewhere in our bodies. 

The outcome of this trauma, if left to brew can cause so many feelings.... 

From Insecurity, disconnected from life, or anxiety to even more serious health issues. 

Some Types Of Trauma :

*Medical Trauma   *Community Violence   *Bullying   *Complex Trauma 

 *Physical Abuse      *Disasters              *Early Childhood Trauma

"Art is not always about pretty things .... It's about who you are .... What happened to us.... And how our lives are affected ...." 

A Little About Art Therapy 

            Art therapy is a fun & supportive exploration of Self in a safe space for when there are hard to express words & feelings. 


            Using many different Art Forms such as Painting, Colouring, Sculpture, Writing, Music, Meditation, Centering, Somatic Movement (Gentle Body Movement) & Mindfulness with each session designed especially for you.

                                                                   "Art can save us. 

                                             Art has the power to render Sorrow beautiful, 

                            Make Loneliness a shared experience & transform Despair into Hope"

                                                                                                                                          Brene Brown

In Group Sessions or One on One 

Sample videos available to watch on You Tube : art-life-healing

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