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Giving Chronic Pain A Voice

People with chronic pain so often feel that they have lost control - 

                                            Control of their bodies.. their choices & the very fabric of their lives. 

Art Therapy allows for purposeful control & re-connection of their bodies. 

The underlying emotional wounds that feed this chronic madness are able to be soothed & transformed. 


                I, myself, have had trauma that, as the years went by, turned into a chronic pain.

We all have trauma & traumatic events that happen to us every day & it is the process or lack of process that can cause that energy to seed itself into an area of our body, later morphing into pain, then a chronic condition.


                When I look at my own situation, my trauma started at a very young age (as do so many others) 

Learning to be quiet & having no safe place my body formed a pattern. A unhealthy pattern by the way, of non-expression. As I got older and more and more big and small traumatic events entered my life, more & more heaviness settled into my shoulders, neck, and upper back.


                 When I was 35, I had a swimming pool accident that could have killed me, or made me a quadriplegic. The event was never looked at or dealt with. I didn't realize that it needed to be looked at.. That I needed to be seen.... Needed to be heard...... Needed to understand......

                                         ART THERAPY helped me with all these things plus more....

                                                                     Some of the benefits are :

                                           *Being seen & heard : to tell their story & have it witnessed

                                           *Improved Well-being : sense of hope & a more fulfilled life  

                                           *Reconnecting : to others & self

                                           *Better functioning : new emotional resources & coping skills 

                                           *Meaning : gaining new or finding lost meaning to life

                                           *Self-Esteem : confidence, self-belief & choice

                                           *Self-Expression : getting to know the feelings & letting go  


A Little About Art Therapy 

In Group Sessions or One on One 

Sample videos available to watch on You Tube : art-life-healing

            Art therapy is a fun & supportive exploration of Self in a safe space for when there are hard to express words & feelings. 


            Using many different Art Forms such as Painting, Colouring, Sculpture, Writing, Music, Meditation, Centering, Gentle Body Movement & Mindfulness with each session designed especially for you.

                                                                   "Art can save us. 

                                             Art has the power to render Sorrow beautiful, 

                            Make Loneliness a shared experience & transform Despair into Hope"

                                                                                                                                          Brene Brown

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