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Conserving The Memories
Of  Your Loved Ones
in a Timeless & Unique Way


                          The process of Grief can be unexplainable, leaving you empty and lost. 

A loved one or family pet can hold such a profound impression, moments in time - no matter how short or long &  help us create memories that shall carry us through till it is our time to transition.


My passion is to create unique & meaningful art that honors the memory of your beloved.

                  Having a Portrait Painting with a small amount of the ashes can help to change the deep feeling of loss to an understanding that though you may not feel their skin or fur... they are with you... helping you ... encouraging you... 

                  With comfort & solace that will reach out to you ... hold you ... that you can talk to & lower the lonely anxiety levels.

                   I take great care in creating one of a kind Portrait Art that captures

           the essence of your loved one & I look forward to helping you preserve

                                       the memory of those closest to you.


                                                                                 Testimonial :

                                                                        Thank you for the portrait of Bob. You captured his personality.

                                                                        Having his smiling face in my visual world has lifted the loneliness I felt

                                                                        since his passing. I am reminded of the joy and laughter we shared & go                                                                            forward in my life with a smile again. I would recommend you to any

                                                                        person asking about a portrait as this is one of the kindest purchases I

                                                                        have ever made for myself.

                                                                     There are really no words to express the feelings since I received my painting. 

                                                                                          Catherine .......   Powell River BC 

BOB Ashes Painting copy.jpg

Bob loved Crows... & the Crows loved him.

All Paintings are on Premium Canvas with your choice of 1/2 inch or 1 inch edge. Both have painted finished edge so no need to frame. The 1/2 inch can be framed if you like. 

The ashes are placed in the eyes & hair & can be seen from a side view.  

Depending on your desires, more ashes can always be added.


There is a choice of 12 in. x 16 in. canvas or  18 in x 24 in canvas :  Other sizes are available upon request.  

Symbol AsAbove.jpg

Each Painting comes with this Unique Message and Symbol : As Above / So Below.... I Am With You Always

Pet Portraits

Isis AshesPainting copy.jpg

 I believe in the power of art to help people express their love and to keep memories alive. I specialize in creating unique, custom pet portraits that capture the spirit and energy of your beloved pet.

With these memorial paintings, where a small amount of ashes of your pet are mixed into the artwork, they are creating for  you a lasting memento of your pet.


By having a piece of art that honors your pet’s life, you can feel their love and presence every day.

Luna AshesPainting copy.jpg

Creative Design Elements

With Art-Life-Etc. you are always able to have input on the creative design element. If you do not see a particular portrait style that you like, Maella will create a unique design for you to love. 


Other Commissioned Paintings........... 

Your Canvas Painting is available in many different sizes: 

Most popular are : 12 x 16        14 x 18        16 x 20        18 x 24        or pick your own size

You can have a slim edge canvas - approx. 1/2 inch - which can have a frame added if you so choose but does not require one as the edges are finished or choose a gallery canvas - approx. 1 inch to 1.5 inches - that is completely ready to hang

Prices starting at 350.00 CA

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