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Anxiety & Depression can overtake our daily life making us incapable of any joy & laughter. 


& Art Therapy

               Do You Have Feelings of : 

*Feeling Uninspired         

*Feeling Tense or Jumpy

*Shortness of Breath         

*Struggle Getting Out Of Bed

*Pounding or Racing Heart

*Intense, Excessive & Persistent Worry


Helping to Calm The Nervous System & Move Forward

"Instead of putting a sign on my depression... " I am Neurotic" ... I realized I hadn't found my life purpose. 

I began to experience depression as a driver to express more of who I was. 

I PUT A PLUS SIGN ON MY DEPRESSION "    Barbara Marx Hubbard

Sometimes Medications are necessary to help cope & move your body & mind ... & that's OK.

ART THERAPY helps you see the underlying emotions that cause these feelings. 


Benefits of this form of Therapy are: 

*Being Seen / Heard : to tell your story & have it witnessed

*Improved Well-Being : more fulfilled life       

*Self-Esteem : confidence, self-belief, choice

*Reconnecting : to others & self                         

*Self-Expression : getting to know the feelings & letting go

*Better Functioning : new emotional resources   

People with Anxiety & Depression so often feel that they have lost control -

Control of their bodies, their choices & the very fabric of their lives.

ART Therapy allows for purposeful control & re-connection of their bodies. 

The underlying emotional wounds that feed this endless cycle are able to be soothed & transformed

Using many different Art Forms such as Painting- Colouring- Sculpture-

Writing- Music- Meditation- Somatic Body Movement & Mindfulness, 

Art therapy is able to show you the deep emotions that cannot be expressed with words alone..... 

When there are words too hard to be expressed ...

No Artistic ability needed - It is the feelings behind the work- 

Not the Artwork itself ! 

In Group or Individual Sessions 


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