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Moving forward through

The Loss Of A Loved One

The grief of losing a loved one... Whether it's a close friend, spouse, partner, or other relative... few things are as painful as losing someone you love. 

After such a significant loss, life may never seem quite the same again.  But in time ... you can ease your sorrow, start to look to the future & eventually come to terms with your loss.

Some Symptoms Of Grief: 

* Intense Sorrow, Pain, & rumination over the loss of your loved one

* Focus on little else but your loved one's death

* Extreme focus on reminders of the loved one or Excessive Avoidance of reminders 

* Problems accepting the death

* Numbness or detachment

Art Therapy Is A Safe Outlet

A form of psychotherapy that encourages individuals to express themselves via various creative mediums - such as Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Meditation, Somatic Body Movements, Music & Mindfulness. 

Art Therapy allows you to express your feelings when you find it too difficult to express them with words. 

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What Is Art Therapy ?

Unlike other therapies .. Art Therapy opens your creativity to tap into the subconscious where all your deepest feelings sit - there without having to dig deep & find words to explain or share those emotions  - the process of being in that creative state allows you to look, heal, & move forward.

This allows for your heart & soul to enjoy life again - redesigning - reinventing -

& moving to a new lighter you !  

No Artistic Abilities Needed : Just the openness to explore 

Using many different art forms such as Painting, Colouring, sculpture, Writing, Music, Meditation, Centering, Somatic Body Movements & Mindfulness, with each session designed specifically for you. 

Art automatically opens the pathways to allow for self to express that which cannot be expressed in other ways.... 

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