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Doodle Art & Messages

Doodle For Web.png

          This interactive session includes a short meditation where you will be lead to open up to your Inner Being & Inspiration.

          This process enables you to doodle or draw things that will tell Maella a story about you.


       She will be able to see where you can 

possibly be stuck as well as get direct messages from Spirit that will help you

create an exceptional life.



This is definitely a Fun, Enlightening & Motivational                                                       Session. 

OMG!!! So spot on with what I needed to hear & let's

be honest what I already knew that needs to happen. 

                        YOU GOT TO DO THIS!!


                         WANTING MORE!!


                                            Robyn G  Powell River BC



Today I had the pleasure to spend some time

with Maella.

She put me through a lovely guided meditation

with Spirit, opening up my intuition... was 

absolutely beautiful journey she took us on.

After the meditation she gets you to draw

( the hardest part was to not over think, drop the

resistance & just go with the flow) so she 

encouraged me to close my eyes & just draw what was wanting to come out.

Once you are done drawing ( doodling) she then gives you the meaning of what you drew & the 

  messages that are meant for you..... 

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