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One Saturday 



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                          Like so many others.... Even you maybe..... I tried Meditation off and on for a few years but could never seem to understand it or accomplish it.....

        Finally.. I started going to some open circle groups where I learned the basics.

I still found it a little difficult to practice everything I learned in each class on my own the other days I was not sitting in open circle. It took some time but  finally  joined a closed circle group where I was able to build up my confidence & abilities. 


That is why I am offering a free One Day Saturday Guided Meditation Class.

Learning the basics will increase your Confidence and Understanding & demystify this beautiful addition to your life. 

In this Saturday class you will explore meditation... learn how to Open your Chakras,

Grounding practices, and experience the good feelings and power that is created for your life every day.

This class comes with a short intro, grounding practices, a guided journey in the morning & then one in the afternoon with a few minutes to sit on your own each time and a closing practice. There will be a half hour lunch break as well.


One Saturday could change your life..... 9:30 am to 3 pm 

Zoom Link Will Be Sent To All That Register - 1 or 2 days prior to event...

                 WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR......

                     MAKE 2022 REMARKABLE ! 

JOIN NOW.......  

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