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Growth & Expansion

A Course In

Beginner Intuition & Meditation Development

Live on Zoom

Footsteps Into ME :

          More than a Beginner Development Class, It is about Growth & Expansion for 2023


           You will experience:

GROWTH in personal power, in family & in Emotional Well-being 

EXPANSION in your thoughts, feelings, in the "knowing" of things.... Expansion in believing .. Believing in 

yourself & in turn... the world around you ... & with that .. creation & manifestation.  


Each week we will explore a chakra center, working up the body to the Crown Chakra.

   We will learn:

    *How to Ground Yourself & Protect Yourself from negative energies.

    *Learn how to Relax & Step into the Quiet

    *Help you Overcome Fear, Doubts, Limiting Beliefs, Anxiety & Stress

    *Build Your Personal Connection with Spirit or Higher Self

    *Build Your Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence 

    *Guided Meditations that you can use at home each day

    *Daily Short Exercises in building your Inner Strengths

   * Plus So Much More!

               This is a closed development circle, with each person attending each week - and even though it is on Zoom - we will build a circle energy, a friendship & trust among all participants. 

                    2 payments each 6 weeks : 95.00 

                    or One Payment of 175. for 12 Weeks                Limit of 10 people per class                          

       STARTING Tuesday February 7, 2023   7pm 

Footsteps Into Me : In Person : Powell River

Growth & Expansion

A Course In

                  While Developing Your Intuition & Relaxing In the Quiet of Meditation.

GROWTH in Personal Power, In Family & In Emotional Well-being.

EXPANSION of your thoughts, feelings, in the "knowing" of things. Expansion in believing...

Believing in yourself & in turn ... the world around you & with that ... Creation & Manifestation.


        STEP INTO:

Developing all areas of your Intuition, your Connection, Your Self-Worth & Self-Esteem.

 Learn how to "Let-Go" of Fears, Doubts, Anxiety, Stress, Limiting Beliefs & Helplessness enabling 

you to expand your world & the world around you.

Guided Meditations & Expansion Exercises for each day are also supplied in this course


For 1 0n 1 

Not sure if this is right for you... send an email for a one on one call for more information

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