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Totem & Spirit Animal Drawing

With a TOTEM ANIMAL DRAWING,  you, the client, are able to understand yourself more . 

Are you Struggling... Feeling Stuck... In Conflict.... Your Spirit & Totem Animals will help guide you so you can move forward.


                You are able see and understand some of the strengths you may carry with you. The messages & guidance are loving & practical for any situation. 


A totem is an animal that is with you for all time...

A Spirit Animal is with you for a short time specifically to help with a struggle or to help you move towards your destiny.

These animals always have positive messages to help with life advice & forward movement.

It is very interesting to see the synchronicity that you become aware of once you are aware of some, all, or one of your Totem & Spirit Animals.



            1 Totem/ 1 Spirit Animal & Messages  65.00    

            More than 2 Animals & Messages.....   85.00 

            Also available: a drawing in Pencil, Colour or on Canvas

              Ask Maella for ideas, availability & pricing  

Pencil Drawing                                                          Black & White Painting                                     Pencil Crayon Drawing 



Thank you again for all information passed on to me... from the get go, what you said resonated with me. The ones that are trying to reach me, me blocking them... Even my family thought that the animals were me. Thank you for your guidance. Your explanation during each step was thorough& easy to understand. I would highly recommend you to any & all.


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Instagram : @artlifespirit


Facebook : @artlifespiritetc.   

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