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Welcome to my blog!!!!!

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Let me start by saying:

Life is about perception...... What you think..... What you observe from others... And what is real......

This is my perceptions, my changing perceptions and the new outlook I found through it all....

And through this journey ... there was ART!

I am now 60 years old. So many thoughts that go with that statement:

Where did the time go?

What was I doing?

Have I made progress in all that time, or was I just floating along?

Was I too busy surviving to create the things I came to do?

I never thought I would be this age.. Not that I thought I would die before 60 ...just never thought of getting older.... but maybe that's where my obsession with clocks & time come in.

(Not all clocks... just really cool ones... LOL) But that's another subject....

I have spent all my life being an artist.

Even in grade school, projects were full of drawings and very little text.

With parents that didn't really understand the motivation or creative side of their artist daughter, they did their best to guide me to have a " real" career with stability and consistent income. They didn't succeed. And even though I have had many different jobs in my younger years, none of them made me happy. My art gave me comfort and allowed me to escape, quiet the mind and express my "self".

I have never been into colour much. Black & white has always been my comfort zone. The shades and shadows have always been the forefront to my art. I never even used paint till I was in grade 11 art class. When I look at something I don't see colour... I am not colour blind but it is the curves and shapes and textures that I see. Pencil was always my go to medium. I have always been drawn to faces of animals and humans. The really young shows the innocence and magic of spirit and the really old, with all the lines and wrinkles tell the story of their journey on the earth plane.

Still to this day ... it makes me excited.

As time passes on my life journey... it takes twists and turns... Marriage... 2 wonderful children.... being a stay at home mom.... and then ..... Divorce!

Oh No!!!!!! Now What.............................

SPIRIT ............... THAT'S WHAT !!!!

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