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Hand Painted Clothing

Show Your True You !


With "The ROADto Self-Expression

TheGoddess ForWeb.jpg

The Goddess

Black & White with Butterflies

A Woman's Face with Goddess Symbol

on the Sleeve & a Butterfly & Diamond Shapes on Back. The Jacket has white, faded black & faded blue denim. 

Size S Woman  

Jean Jackets     


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Ashley Jones

Tech Lead

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with Coloured Butterflies 

The Transformation from one way to another .. is symbolized with the skull & the butterflies. 

The Skull or Death of one way of being

The Butterflies transform You to a new You.. Are you in the Caterpillar, the Chrysalis or the Butterfly Stage...

Size M   Womans 

Jean Jackets    

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TransformationFor WEB.jpg
Tiger For Web.jpg

Short Jean Jacket with flame stitched on front, Studs & Paw prints painted on sleeves, Tiger face on back.     Size L  Womans


Father Time 

Women everywhere will be envious of this gorgeous mans black blazer, with the hand painted Clock Face & Roman Numerals going over the shoulder to the front 

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RetroOrange ForWeb.jpg

Retro ORANGE Flower

If You Like The 1960's...

You will LOVE This Design.....

Flowers of all kinds cover the sleeve & One Side of the Jacket or Sweatshirt.... 

Size S Womans 

( Fits on the small side) 

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BecomingFOR WEb.jpg

Becoming The Change

Morphing Into You

Whether it is telling people NO or 

learning how to Move Forward, Grow & Spread Your Wings...this design symbolizes the growth, the sadness, the determination & the total new World that all can see....

Size 2XL  Womans

Black & White      

SunMoon ForWeb.jpg


If You Are As SPIRITUAL as I am... 

You will love this Sun & Moon Design with feathers....

The sun & moon are In Black & White

but the feathers can be in colour

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The waist length Jean Jacket is 3 toned Jean..

White Jean, Faded Black Jean & Faded Blue Jean.... making this jacket able to go & fit into anything.

Size M  Womans

Peaceful Direction.jpg

Peaceful Direction

Bare Shoulder faded Jean Shirt with collar & button down front. Design is inspired with peace & love girl & directions.

Size M  Womans

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Peaceful Direction2.jpg
FlowerPowerFOR WEB.jpg

Flower Power

This Back To The 60's Flower Power Design is 

fun with a touch of vintage feel. A faded & Worn Vest with White Lace Inset Back.

Painted in black & white, this design will fit onto anything and go with anything. 

Size 1X 

Fits Medium, Large, 

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Oversized Jean Jacket with pink background wash.

Whimsical butterflies in tones of greens & teals.  

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Because it is oversized, this full length Jean Jacket is able to fit sizes Large to 2x 

Size L Womans 

Father Time

Oversized 2 Toned Jean Jacket

Father Time with clock pieces over shoulder, the word time going down sleeve & pieces around front pocket

Size XL  

Fits L, XL, 2XL 

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